Motivational Success Story Of Michael Jordan - How He Beat Rejection and Became The Best

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  when Michael Jordan was only 15    he was like every other kid in the gym    who dreamed of becoming the greatest    basketball player but his dream was    crushed when he was cut from the high    school basketball team because he wasn't    tall enough the team needed someone    taller so his close friend got in and    Michael's name was not on the list he    was embarrassed and devastated from this    decision so he went home closed the door    and cried for hours but as it turns out    that rejection gave Michael Jordan the    motivation in willpower to become the    best that rejection launched his    successful basketball career    I can accept failure everyone fails at    something but I can't accept not trying    he spent his sophomore year as the star    of the junior varsity team and at the    end of that basketball season Jordan    wanted so much to watch the other boys    play so he asked the coach if he could    ride the bus with the team to the    tournament the coach agreed but under    one condition    he told me that the only way I could go    in was to carry the players uniforms so    that's what I did I walked into the    building carrying the uniforms for the    players who had made the team what made    me feel the worst about that was that my    parents had come to watch the tournament    and when they saw me walking in carrying    the uniforms they thought I was being    given a chance to play that's what hurt    me they thought I was being given a    chance but I was just carrying the    clothes for the others but soon things    started to change the following summer    he grew four inches and trained harder    than everyone else Michael Jordan    decided that nothing will stop him he    decided that failure and rejection won't    discourage him and won't get in the way    of his dream whenever I was working out    and got    and figured I ought to stop I'd close my    eyes and see that list in the locker    room without my name on it that usually    got me going again his hard work paid    off that year he made the team and    instantly became their best player and    as we know Michael Jordan became one of    the greatest basketball players of all    time he became a legend his professional    basketball career is really fascinating    and one of a kind it included six NBA    championships 14 all-star games two    Olympic gold medals his NBA records are    unreachable but failure was always a    part of his life failure is part of    everyone's life and I know that it's    painful it feels like somebody punched    you in the face but Michael Jordan said    to learn to succeed you must first learn    to fail I've missed more than 9,000    shots in my career I've lost almost 300    games 26 times I've been trusted to take    the game-winning shot and missed I    failed    over and over and over again in my life    and that's why I succeed if you're    trying to achieve    there will be roadblocks I've had them    everybody has had them obstacles don't    have to stop you if you run into a wall    don't turn around and give up figure out    how to climb it go through it or work    around it failure always made me try    harder the next time it is easy to    choose a path of anonymity and lead an    empty life but to strive hard and lead    an impactful life one needs a burning    desire to realize dreams never say never    because limits like fears are often just    an illusion    so what's your story    you    you      

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