How Joaquin Phoenix Overcame His Tragic Past And Won an Oscar - Best Motivational Video for Success

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  Joaquin Phoenix was born in a sinister    religious group when his whole family    was part of during the 70s Phoenix his    parents and his four siblings spent    their time traveling with the group    through the United States but after his    parents saw the menacing practices of    the group they decided to escape and    move to LA but even after they escaped    things were hard his parents struggled    with poverty and there was a time when    the entire family was homeless the whole    family used to sleep in a car parked in    a friend's driveway they also used to    live in one-bedroom apartment no kids    allowed and the Phoenix family had five    kids so when the owner came to visit the    kids had to hide behind a laundry    machine and stay hidden for hours and    there's a way to provide food for the    poor family the children used to perform    on the streets and at many talent shows    so they were soon discovered by an agent    and started acting in commercials and TV    shows especially Phoenix and his brother    River they had a bright future ahead of    them but one tragedy devastated the    family when Phoenix was just 19 years    old he made the painful 9-1-1 call to    save his brother River from overdosing    but sadly his brother didn't make it    watching his brother die was one of the    most painful and traumatizing    experiences that led him to retreat from    the public for a year but after    returning to his acting career Phoenix    established himself as a serious and    passionate actor but his passionate    devotion to movie roles turned him into    an alcoholic playing the role of an    addict for the movie walk the line began    to affect his life in a big way so in    2005 he checked into rehab for his work    as an actor Phoenix has received a    Grammy Award a Golden Globe and three    Oscar nominations and with every new    role he is constantly pushing boundaries    so he is the lead role in    of the most anticipated movies of 2019    joker but even though he's an actor for    more than 30 years he still gets    nauseous the day before he films he    opened up that he suffers from anxiety    he's uncontrollably shaking physically    nervous and terrified on every film set    every time and he was initially scared    to take on the Joker role but if he is    so terrified of starting to film another    movie why he returns on acting every    time because he loves what he does so    much so he faces his fears every day if    he allowed his fear to hold him back we    would never know about Phoenix today so    don't let fear stand in the way of your    greatness we all have things we love to    do but we let fear control our decisions    we are terrified of messing things up we    are terrified of failing what other    people might think so the result is not    doing what we love and that's sad there    are so many people who have turned down    amazing opportunities because they were    scared and anxious you can't wait until    you're not afraid to go after the thing    you want that's not how it works you    will never stop being afraid being    afraid is not a bad thing it means you    care but if you let your fear completely    paralyze your growth you wake up one day    filled with regret so it doesn't matter    how uncomfortable or painful it is get    out of your comfort zone do something    risky do something that terrifies you    look the fear in the face do it to learn    to change trust me with every challenge    your confidence will start to grow you    deserve to live your life to the fullest    and enjoy every moment remember feel the    fear and do it anyway so what's your    story    you 

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