Motivational Success Story Of Jennifer Lawrence - How She Beat Anxiety and Won an Oscar

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    Jennifer Lawrence today's one of the    most confident talented and successful    celebrities out there but that wasn't    always the case when she was growing up    she always felt like she didn't fit in    she felt so different from her    schoolmates so she started developing    anxiety Jennifer also felt stupid all    the time like something is wrong with    her    I just felt dumb especially in math I    just feel like I would look around and    everybody's getting it I'm like it made    the only one that's completely clueless    so the academic part of school was    always a struggle for her but on top of    that she also had a hard time finding    friends so in her teens her anxiety got    so serious that her parents found a    therapist they wanted to help Jennifer    overcome her anxiety and find a way to    adapt at school like everybody else I    went to see a shrink nothing worked    one day I begged my parents to take me    to a casting we went to New York and    that's where I started acting just on    stage my mother saw the change that was    taking place in me she saw my anxieties    disappear I finally found a way open the    door to a universe that I understood    that was good for me and made me happy    because I felt capable whereas before I    felt worthless I struggled through    school I never felt very smart and when    I'm reading this script and I feel like    I know exactly what it would look like    if somebody felt that way that was a    whole part of my brain that I didn't    even know existed something that I could    be confident in and I didn't want to let    it go    so Jennifer Lawrence was only 14 years    old when she dropped out of middle    school to fully pursue her acting career    I wanted to forge my own path I found    what I wanted to do and I didn't want    anything getting in the way of it but    that was not an easy    when she first moved to New York she    lived in a horrible apartment with no    kitchen no hot water and on top of that    infested with rats    she even shared her bread with them so    if a rat ate a part of her bread she    would just cut that part off and eat the    rest because she was very poor and    couldn't afford throwing the bread but    today Jennifer Lawrence is the youngest    person ever to be nominated four times    for an Academy Award and she won an    Oscar for Best Actress when she was just    22 her net worth is 130 million dollars    which makes her one of the youngest and    highest-paid actresses in the world so    what can we learn from the motivational    success story of Jennifer Lawrence I    read this great quote everybody is a    genius but if you judge a fish by its    ability to climb a tree it will live    it's whole life believing that it is    stupid people can be good at something    and bad at something else some people    are great at math some people are great    at sport and some are very artistic so    you may spend your whole life thinking    that you're not good enough not worthy    enough and you develop this anxiety and    fear that feeds those beliefs but that's    not true you just haven't found your    thing yet but when you find it work hard    for it    being good and passionate that something    means nothing without hard work so stop    feeling worthless stop feeling stupid    stop feeling like a failure if you feel    lost start your journey of discovering    your true self your true abilities by    trying new things and with the right    mixture of passion focus and hard work    in no time you'll see the world as a    place filled with opportunities waiting    for you you'll find the way home    Mark Twain said the two most important    days in your life are the day you are    born and    do you find out why so what's your story    you  

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