Motivational Success Story Of Celine Dion - How She Overcame Her Tragedies And Started Over

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   Celine Dion was the youngest of 14    children and grew up in a very poor    family her father was a butcher and her    mother was a homemaker as a baby she    used to sleep in a drawer to save on a    crib and when she grew up she shared her    one bed with three more sisters but    school things were hard for her she was    bullied by the other kids and was called    a vampire because of her teeth and her    skinny body she the test at school so    from an early age she dreamed of    becoming a performer    so when Celine Dion was only 12 years    old her mother helped her write a song    for a demo tape which was sent to the    music manager Rene and he was moved by    Selena's voice so he decided to make her    a star her talent was undeniable in her    success expected five years later she    fell in love with her manager who was    much older than her so at first her    mother disapproved of the relationship    but as the years passed she accepted    that her Celine was happy and that was    the only thing that mattered and Celine    Dion soon became globally famous she has    won five Grammys and with 200 million    copies sold worldwide she remains to be    the best-selling Canadian artists of all    time and her net worth is 400 million    dollars but Selena's life after the fame    was not perfect at first the couple    struggled to have kids so after having    her first child Celine waited 10 years    to welcome her twins and when everything    started to fall into place her husband    lost his long battle with cancer and    passed away and sadly only two days    later her brother passed away as well    the passing of my husband has been    difficult I saw him suffer and that is    the worst today for me it's like I don't    live with him physically but I live with    him inside of me I started to talk to    him and I said you know what I want you    to just go in peace I want you to not    worry you were worrying for Mike    you were worrying for the children you    were worrying for everything it's enough    I promise you we're gonna be okay my    brother who passed away of pretty much    the same cancer as him died on Renee's    birthday and I said to myself for his    birthday my husband came and got my    brother because my brother was too weak    to fly on his own you're never ready for    something like this to happen even    though you expected when it hits you    you're not prepared after the death of    her husband and brother the life she    knew of collapsed Celine was devastated    for a long time but she didn't have a    choice but to start over is the moment    you think you can't that you can losing    a loved one is one of the most painful    experiences it's one of the worst things    one can ever experience and even though    the pain may reduce over time it never    fully goes away but one thing is for    sure    you cannot stop living death is a    reminder that we take life for granted    we lose so much time stressing over    nothing we worry for the things that    don't matter    wake up embrace each moment and every    breath as a gift say I love you more    be kind take risks do what you always    wanted to do and find a strength in your    heart to start over because tomorrow is    not promised so what's your story    you

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