How Sylvester Stallone Went From Homeless To Inspiring Legend - Best Motivational Video For Success

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  Sylvester Stallone had a very difficult    and painful road to fame but it's one of    the most inspirational success stories    out there his life began with a tragedy    during his birth his mother suffered    some complications and as a result the    lower left side of his face is paralyzed    that includes parts of his lip tongue    and chin growing up it was very    difficult for him to talk in a normal    way so as a child he was constantly    bullied also at home things were not    easy for him his parents had a toxic and    hostile relationship and neglected young    Stallone so he spent some of his    earliest years in foster care    his parents soon divorced and that    crushed his already difficult childhood    Stallone grew up as a troubled young boy    who had problems with his rage he    struggled emotionally and also    academically so he ended up being    expelled by 14 schools his self-esteem    and confidence were non-existent so he    turned to bodybuilding Stallone dropped    out of high school to build an acting    career in New York he constantly faced    rejection and after years of trying he    had minor success and was only getting    small parts so to survive he was working    all kinds of jobs he was cleaning lion    cages at the zoo he was working as an    usher at the movie theater anything he    could find to make ends meet but he    ended up being so broke that he was    homeless for some time he slept at a bus    station for a few weeks and because    things got so hard he had to sell his    dog to a family Stallone was heartbroken    but he knew that he couldn't even    provide food for his dog and he wanted    the best for him one day after watching    a boxing match Sylvester Stallone had an    epiphany and a rush of inspiration and    started writing about an unknown boxer    who was going to stand up to life and in    three days the script was done and rocky    was born but when he tried to sell the    script with him playing the main role    nobody wanted it they offered Stallone    360,000 dollar    for the script but with the condition    that he wouldn't play rocky and remember    at that moment his wife was pregnant he    had no car 106 dollars in the bank and    sold his dog to pay the bills he was    tempted but he refused he knew that    rocky was meant for him and decided to    risk everything I'm not the richest    smartest or most talented person in the    world but I succeed because I keep going    and going and going    the producers eventually relented and    let him star in the movie but paid him    only a fraction of their last offer and    after he sold the script he immediately    got his dog back and the movie ended up    winning three Oscars more movies    followed rocky and Rambo became a huge    success and the legend of Sylvester    Stallone was born his incredibly    motivational success story is proof that    if you try hard enough anything is    possible    now unfortunately this is not the end of    the story after he became successful    Sylvester Stallone still had to go    through a lot of painful things he went    through a divorce his youngest son was    diagnosed with autism and in 2012 his    other son died from a heart attack life    kept hitting him hard in the face but he    never gave up let me tell you something    you already know the world ain't all    sunshine and rainbows it's a very mean    and nasty place and I don't care how    tough you are it will beat you to your    knees and keep you there permanently if    you let it you me or nobody is gonna hit    as hard as life but it ain't about how    hard you hit it's about how hard you can    get hit and keep moving forward how much    you can take and keep moving forward so    what's your story    you      

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